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Photo Album


I had been putting the full size, very high quality images up here, mostly because it was easiest for me. Download them from the camera, look at them and change the name to something meaningful, and copy them to the site. But reality has started to impose uncomfortable restraints and I am going to do some minor image editing before copying them here. So most of the images here are now smaller in size, both resolution and file size, and are slightly lesser quality. If you see something that you really want to print, let me know and I'll get you the best quality version of it that I have.
This application embodies the same principles of easy maintenance implemented in the rest of the site. At the simplest level, creating a new photo gallery is no more complicated than creating another directory and dumping the images into it. The list of albums and any navigational items are dynamically created from the directory structure. The thumbnails for each album are created as needed. And all the content is stored in directories not directly accessible by the web browser.
There are some optional description features to make the albums more meaningful. Each album and image can have descriptive text associated with it. The album description appears in the list of albums and in the left column looking at the thumbnails. The image description appears in the left column when looking at the larger size image.

And, of course, there is this text for the overall application.
No description for this album